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Which Dress?


You want to wear me?Collapse )

Inspiration *.*


Pictures 2(Grease)
Love her smile in this

She is way too cute

This was during rehersal, not the actual movie

Shake it!



Mmmm Donuts

Could those legs be any hotter?!?

Pictures 1




So Cute
This interview is so freaking cute. Btw ex-hubby Devid Debin is involved in this interview too!
~~sidenote~~no one is better than Daniel of course!

Cutest picture!~~that dogs name is Little Bear(fyi....little bear productions...yeah, named after their dog)

I don't know why but the way she is sitting on that desk..i just love this picture!

Okay...put Daniel right there and that would be the cutest picture evvvver!!!!!

No focus

**Wow. Look at those legs and those glorious breasts. God CJ, this is your bosses wife, you shouldn't be thinking about her like this. Okay focus, you can do this. You are the Press Secretary for God sakes. You talk to people every day..and Oh God shes getting closer. Okay..just focus.FOCUS. Wow, that dress looks gorgeous on her.** "You look lovely tonight Mrs. Bartlet. I'm sure you are going to be on the cover of every magazine tomorrow with that dress." **Oh yeah nice going claudia. NO FOCUS**
"For the love of God, Claudia Jean, if you call me Mrs. Bartlet one more time**thinks**I'm gonna do something awful. And while im not sure just exactally what that is YET, i'll have you know, it will not be pretty." **Look at that facial expression. She is just too damn cute. Nice job Abbey.**
"I'm sorry Mrs...Abbey. It's just that..well..you know...it's habit." **Pull yourself together, this is just a name not a test.**
"Yeah yeah. I'm in no mood to go to a bunch of parties and be Jed's arm candy. What do you say we both go up to the residence and get drunk?" **Say YES**
"Ma'am i don't think that is such a good idea, considering the party is for you. I's sure that your nonexistent presence would not go unnoticed. You need to be there." **What the fuck am i saying. HELL YES I WANT TO GET DRUNK WITH YOU. Damn, whos idea was it for me to be press secretary?**
"You are right i suppose. But, we could have had a lot of fun upstairs." **Ohh i'm bad.**
"Gee, how many people have i heard that from?" **I wish**
"How many of them meant it?" **Yes, bad indeed. Sleep on that baby.**

First one!!
Alright so I thought that i would take a stab at writing a little Cj/Abbey drabble.


Abbey's Look

"Look at me." A command, not a plea.
"I can't look at you." She knew if she were to look, she would be lost in a sea of green and nothing could bring her back to reality, unless of course Abbey were to blink.
"What is so bad about looking at me?" Abbey's heart breaks each moment Cj takes a step further away from her.
"I want to be able to sleep tonight." She still doesn't look up, in fear that Abbeys eyes are the first thing she will see.
"Do i keep you up late at night?" Abbey has turned the tables and is now amused.
"Nice try." She knows this game, all too well.
"Was it worth it?" Abbey knows the answer already.
"We can't do this anymore." Fact, not a request.

Hotness from the Tony's
Okay...that i dont even know how to explain....."This is how you flip your hair bitches" LMAO


STOCKARD IS PUMPED AND READY LMAOLMAOLMAO...this officially made my day!

I'd have to say that Daniel's shoulder is looking pretty handsome there LMAO

Heaven!!!!!!~sorry for watermarks
Okay..Stockard is gonna kill me with her sexiness!!!!






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